JellyCat Inc

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Meet the sweetest fuzzball in all the forests - Jellycat Bertie Owlet by Jellycat!
Big Spottie Giraffe is a cheery-bright chum in gorgeous custard-chocolate fur!
Start your day in a snuggly way with Amuseable Boiled Egg! This breakfast buddy has fluffy white fur, a yummy yellow yolk and a supercute smile. Keep an eye on this scamp with those cordy feet, or you might end up with a runny egg!
For summer fun, meet this silly sausage! Amuseable Hot Dog loves a trip to the fairground, trotting along on cordy feet.
Bashful Fudge Puppy loves trotting along and snuffling about for sticks! A cocoa-cream spaniel with rumply ears, a podgy tum and long tufty paws, this poppet pup loves sharing big hugs. A loyal pal and a perfect present.
Boiled Egg Blushing is a softy with a secret!
Some dragons like to hoard lots of gold, but this one looks after the Bashful Dragon Soother!
It's bathtime for Huddles Duck – this little flapper can't wait to splash down but loves to be cared for and held.
Rosario Flamingo is a flooftastic showgirl who always gets top billing!
Bashful Dusky Blue Bunny Soother is such a sweet gift for newborns.
Swirling in in a cloud of sparkles, it's Bashful Unicorn Soother! Toddlers can spin fairy stories with this little trotter at their side!
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