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Playful rhymes and whimsical art celebrate the many faces of the vulva in this mesmerizing coloring book.
A deck of 50 beautifully illustrated cards that takes readers on a journey of self-exploration by zodiac sign, adapted from Signs of the Zodiac by Carlota Santos.
An interactive book of over 50 classic and modern games to play with friends and family
When you’re feeling depleted, tap into the Earth’s energies.
Uncover the real you bubbling below the surface of your sun sign
Featuring 100 exciting prompts on 50 double-sided sticks, these family-friendly questions and fun challenges - along with the chic and cheerful packaging.
If you are struggling to feel comfortable in your own skin, then this inspiring and interactive self-love workbook is for you. The Gift of Self-Love is an honest, heartfelt, and relatable book that will guide you on your journey to self-love, self-care, a
The national bestseller. Write. Burn. Repeat. Now with new covers to match whatever mood you’re in. Push your limits, reflect on your past, present, and future, and create a secret book that’s about you, and just for you.
The Little Book Of Big Corgi Butts Activity Book. Outrageously Cute Activity to Celebrate the Greatest Booty on Earth.
How Many People by Compendium. Compendium celebrates over 30 Years! Their Mission is To Create & Inspire Meaningful Moments.
Sweet, fun, and lighthearted, I Wrote a Book About You is designed to be filled out by you and given to someone you like a lot—a spouse, a sibling, a very good friend.
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