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From Annabel Gat, the author of The Astrology of Love & Sex, comes a fascinating guide that provides a deeper look at Moon signs—the zodiac sign the moon occupied at one's birth.
Tinder Translator
It's time to get creative with Claris and her friends again, with an even CHICER activity book!
Mudpuppy's Unicorn Magic Magnetic Build-It comes with 4 illustrated background scenes and 3 sheets of magnetic parts so you can build fantastical unicorn scenes!
This fill-in-the-blank wedding activity is a game and guest book in one that will make a lovely keepsake.
Uncover the real you bubbling below the surface of your sun sign
A card deck to offer support during the non-linear grieving process.
Put your knowledge of the animal kingdom to the test with Animal Lovers Trivia!
A touching memoir on searching for the meaning of an authentic French cassoulet and uncovering much more.  
Skincare and beauty exercises to combat aging, based on the fast-growing trend of Japanese face yoga
Easy-going recipes that look after themselves
Animal daddies love keeping their babies beside them, even when they're asleep!
Plant-based recipes for every occasion, from family meals to games nights and celebrations
Celebrate the bride. Here are four flirty, fun, and bonding games that make any bachelorette party more fun.
Is it a duck or a rabbit? Depends on how you look at it .
Smart, helpful, and honest, THE BRIDESMAID HANDBOOK lets you be your most brilliant bridesmaid self with lots of tips, advice, interactive materials, and a healthy dose of self-care strategies.
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Here is a guide to improving your day-to-day routines using CBD in every room of your home—for wellness, sleep, sex, cooking, entertaining, and with your pets.
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Mastering the Art of French Cooking meets Dinner: Changing the Game in a beautifully photographed, fresh approach to French cooking and gathering, with 125 simple recipes.
This puzzle includes 42 thick puzzles pieces
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