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The Astrology of Love & Sex: A Modern Compatibility Guide explores the romantic and sensual sides of the zodiac signs.
Bestselling cookbook shares the secrets to easy, attractive, and delicious spreads
An interactive book of over 50 classic and modern games to play with friends and family
If you owe your lover a treat, make it a real treat for both of you. These 30 naughty I Owe You for sensual favors will both titillate and inspire. Being in debt to someone never felt so good!
Carry this journal and take your spiritual journey anywhere.Like a spiritual retreat or a self-contained trip to a personal guru, this journal offers a path to enlightenment without having to go anywhere.
A reading for each of the 366 birthdates of the year
Shake, stir – or shuffle? Step up to the bar and order your favorite drinks in this cheerful game of cocktails.
Bursting with color and charm, this finger puppet book lets inquisitive babies and toddlers touch, feel, and explore their growing world.
The bible of Polish dumplings, including traditional and modern recipes
What begins as a test of bravery or a sleepover activity—chanting in front of a mirror, riding an elevator alone, taking pictures in the dark—can become something . . . dangerous.
Little ones can get their house in order with this Shape Sorter Wooden Play Set from Petit Collage.
From Carissa Potter, whose stationery and gift line, People I've Loved, has been featured on Design Sponge, Cool Hunting, and Apartment Therapy.
INVITE MORE LUCK INTO YOUR LIFE, attract greater fortune and positive energy
60 GOOD LUCK CARDS featuring lucky symbols from all around the world
A year's worth of easy, achievable activities that will inspire couples to focus on their relationship—and grow closer in the process.
A card deck to offer support during the non-linear grieving process.
Your Wedding, Your Way is a resourceful handbook for modern couples who want to celebrate their marriage in a way that feels true to them and is financially reasonable, whether that's an elegant dinner party, a weekend camping trip in a national park
From high-end magazines and design-inspiration websites to stores big and small, bar carts are a must-have piece of furniture. This book provides all the answers to the question—how can I get that look at home?
Often referred to as 'wisdom keepers', crystals hold millions of years of the Earth's history within them. Through emitting steady vibrations, they will help you to become more centered and balanced, creating spaces of Zen around you and your home. Featur
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