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Inspired by the New Yorker map, this parody version describes the world from a Chicagoan's point of view. The suburbs are nebulous, Europe is a few countries off in the distance.
Wild about Art Deco? We are too, especially for Chicago's downtown Art Deco. 
Chicago's charm rests in the range of its iconic buildings and architectural styles. Enjoy the artistic flair of each one with this full-color poster illustrating each major Chicago style with the city's most famous buildings.
You're never too old to love trains, especially ones with as much history as the Chicago "L". Move through time with this illustrative guide to the "L"'s passenger carriages.
Minimal City Print by Wonder City Studio. Wonder City Studio features Architecture & the city, illustrated. By Phil Thompson & Katie Lauffenburger. Based on the Ravenswood corridor of Chicago, Illinois.
Chicago's rich history shows through its historic houses. From the South side all the way through Oak Park, and then up through Rogers Park, chances are that you live in or among some of these.
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