Self Care

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Cleanse, Moisturize, & Exfoliate
Soothe, Nourish, & Revitalize
Moisturize, Exfoliate, & Replenish
Tighten, Nourish, & Hydrate
Detoxify, Tighten, & Hydrate
Consider dry, chapped lips a beauty woe of the past
The 24K Gold Foil Hydrogel Eye mask is formulated with pure gold ingredients
Tell 'em how you really feel with this loving greeting card. 
A bath soak formulated for the muscles and mind alike
The 24K Gold Foil Hydrogel face mask holds pure gold ingredients
Complete your Skincare Ritual with our 8% Shea Lip Balm
Blend of eucalyptus, citronella, and geranium
Energize, Purify, and Rejuvenate
Find your center with your favorite essential oils and new curated blends
Hydrating, Protecting, and Renewing 
You don’t need to sacrifice when simplifying your skincare routine for travel.
Sweet Balsam is a blend of evergreens highlighted by spring bulbs and pine cones
A breath of calmness in your busy life. A daily ritual, an act of self care
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